About your council tax bill

Revenue spending on Council services will total £67.9m during 2017/18 (£63.4m in 2016/17), this includes the continued investment of £150,000 into enhancing the town centre.

A total of £60.9m of this spending will be funded from a combination of grants, business rates and fees and charges (£56.7m in 2016/17). This leaves a total of £7.0m to be met from Council Tax (£6.7m in 2016/17). The 2017/18 budget also includes £2.8m of capital spending (£2.4m in 2016/17).

The borough council's regular portion of your council tax is eight per cent of the total bill. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner receives a further 11 per cent, while 77 per cent of the total bill goes to Warwickshire County Council. The remainder goes to your parish council or the Rugby town area special expense.

View council tax charges 2017-18 View council tax charges 2016-17

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